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American Horror Story Season 1 (American Horror Story Murder House) is the first season. The story started when the Harmon family comprised of Ben (Dylan McDermott), his wife Vivien (Connie Britton) and their daughter, Violet (Taissa Farmiga) moved into the Victorian mansion. The family came from Boston to begin a better life in Los Angeles since Vivien wants to move on from the pain she felt after her miscarriage and also wants Ben to be far from Hayden (Kate Mara), whom he had an affair with. The house was presented to the family but real estate agent, Marcy (Christine Estabrook).

They learned from Marcy that the past owners of the house is a gay couple Chad (Zachary Quinto) and Patrick (Teddy Sears) who died in a murder or suicide. Constance (Jessica Lange) is their neighbor who would frequently visit them with Addie (Jamie Brewer), her daughter. It appears that Addie has a connection with the mysterious past of the mansion.

Meanwhile, Larry Harvey (Denis O’Hare), who lives in the house before, warned Ben about the house. Also seen in the house is Moira O’Hara (Frances Conroy and Alexandra Breckenridge) who is a housekeeper. In the eyes of men, she looks young and attractive but in the eyes of women, she is just an old lady.

Now Ben started seeing patients in the house and one of his patients is a psychotic teenage boy, Tate Langdon (Evan Peters). Tate has met Ben’s daughter, Violet and started to become closer to her. Violet is suicidal because she is suffering from depression. Ben and Violet is not aware that Tate is a ghost and is the son of their neighbor, Constance.

The family was very busy with their own problems that they were not able to recognize the reality that the house is haunted by ghosts and evil spirits. Later on, it was revealed that there are already 20 deaths that occurred in the house that is why it is called as “The Murder House.”

There was a time when Vivien went to the attic and found a latex bondage suit. Later she was raped by a man who was wearing the latex suit believing that it is her husband Ben. But in truth, the man is actually Tate. Tate raped Vivien so he could give Nora (Lily Rabe) a baby.

Nora is a ghost who lives in the house. She is the wife of Dr. Charles Montgomery and are the ones who built the house. Nora killed herself and the doctor after Dr. Montgomery turned their son Thaddeus into a Frankenstein like creature by sewing his body parts together and putting a girl’s heart into him. As for Thaddeus, he was murdered by one father of an aborted baby (since Dr. Montgomery is an abortionist) to take revenge. Thaddeus was returned to the couple with his different body parts placed in jars. Because of that, Nora wants another baby even if she is already a ghost.

Going back to Vivien, the rape resulted into her pregnancy with twins. But the twins have different fathers. Meanwhile, Ben’s girlfriend, Hayden came to see Ben all the way from Boston. She blackmailed Ben and urged him to abandon Vivien, so they can start their relationship again. She also threatened Ben to reveal to Vivien that she is pregnant with their baby. Because of this, Hayden was killed by Larry and Ben buried her body in the house grounds. Hayden became a ghost. Since she is already a ghost, she conspired with Nora and other ghosts to make Vivien mad so that they can get her twins.

As for Violet and Tate, the two has developed a romantic relationship with each other. But on Halloween, Violet learned that Tate is a ghost and has killed 15 people in their school which included his classmates. He also crippled a teacher and set Larry Harvey on fire since Larry was ordered by Tate’s mother, Constance to euthanize his younger deformed brother.

The daughter of Constance, Addie was run over by a car but Constance wasn’t able to get her corpse in time to the Harmon’s property so that she can be reunited with her brother.

Meanwhile, Vivien found out that the house was once occupied by an abortionist and that the living monster found in its basement is created by the doctor. This monster is Thaddeus who was sewn together by Dr. Montgomery to resurrect him. The child came back to life as the monstrous “Infantata.”

When Violet learned about Tate’s real form, she killed herself and her body was left undiscovered inside the house. She didn’t know that she is already dead, not until she tried to leave the house but failed to do so since she is already trapped inside. She broke up with Tate after knowing that he raped her mother. She also learned that Tate murdered Chad and Patrick after knowing that they cannot produce a baby for Nora.

Vivien was brought to an insane asylum because of the many poltergeists in the house. Meanwhile Ben is convinced that the second twin conceived by Vivien was fathered by Luke (Morris Chestnut) who is a neighborhood security officer. When Ben learned that Tate is the “Rubber Man,” he got Vivien back from the asylum.

Constance wanted to talk to Addie and therefore enlists the help of a medium, Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson). She learned from Billie Dean that the son of Tate, conceived by Vivien will become the Antichrist.

Vivien gives birth to the twins inside the house with the help of Moira and other ghosts. After that, Vivien and one of the newborn babies die. Only Ben and the surviving twin are left.

Ben tried to get into contact with his dead wife and daughter but the two of them refused to show up which made Ben contemplate suicide to be with them. To stop Ben from doing that, Vivien shows herself and convinced Ben to leave the house immediately with the baby. But as Ben is leaving the house, he is murdered by Hayden and hanged his body to make it appear that he committed suicide.

Hayden tried to get the child but Constance was able to get it with the help of a ghost named Travis (Michael Graziadei), whom Hayden murdered. Constance told the police that Ben committed suicide because of his grief of Vivien’s death. She added that Violet (since her body was never found) ran off with the baby, who is actually with Constance.

Since the Harmon family became ghosts, they teamed up with the other ghosts to keep families away from The Murder House by scaring them away.

Hayden and Tate were blocked out by the Harmons. Violet used a trick that Tate taught her to prevent Tate to get near them. Tate tells Violet that she will wait forever for her while watching her from a door frame.

Constance left town and returned three years later. She found out that the baby she tool from Ben whom she calls, Michael (the Antichrist), has murdered his nanny. Slowly, she walked to the child who was rocking on a chair back and forth while smiling at her, wondering what she would do with the child.

The story of The Murder House has different timelines where deaths were recorded as follows:

1922: When Dr. Charles Montgomery turned their son Thaddeus into a monster after sewing his dismembered body together, Nora killed herself and the doctor, which is the first deaths in the house.

1947: The Black Dahlia stops by the house to avail a dental work from Dr. David Curan. Since the actress is short on money, she approached Dr. Curan who would accept any form of payment. While the woman was unconscious, the dentist plead a mask over her mouth and had sex with her. But the mask stayed long her mouth and she died.

1968: R. Franklin, who hates nursers, visited Gladys and Maria who lives in the house, pretending to be injured. Franklin killed the ladies wherein Maria was stabbed many times while tied wearing a nurse outfit and Gladys is drowned in the bathtub.

1978: Twins, Troy and Bryan went to the house and didn’t heed the warning of a younger Adelaide telling them that they are “going to die in there”. The Infantata (Thaddeus) killed them both.

1983: Constance killed her husband Hugo and their maid Mora after discovering that they are having an affair. Moria was shot directly in the eye while Hugo has multiple shots in the chest. Moria is buried in the backyard while Hugo was fed to the dogs.

1984: Constance and her three kids are still living in the house. Seven-year-old Tate meets the Infantata and was saved by Nora.

1984-1993: Since she wasn’t able to pay the bills, Constance left the house and moved next door.

1994: Larry and his family moved to the house. He then had an affair with Constance. Constance kills Larry’s wife and children by burning their bedroom. Constance moved back to the “Murder House” and Larry was asked by Constance to kill Beau, her sick son. Tate, another son of Constance, got angry and seek revenge by setting Larry on fire. He then went to his school to shoot his classmates. Tate was also killed in his bedroom in the house by the SWAT team.

2010: Gay couple Chad and Patrick lived in the house and were planning to adopt a baby. But Patrick started seeing other men and the two had a fight and decided to split. During that time, Tate needs to get a baby for Nora, as a way of showing his gratitude for her when she helped him from the Infantata before. Since Chad and Patrick are no longer adopting a baby, Tate killed them.

2011: The Harmon family moved in and all of them died. Violet died due to overdose, Vivien and one of her child died during childbirth and Ben was killed by Hayden.

American Horror Story Murder House Episodes

#EpisodeOriginal Air DateDVD/Blu-Ray
102Home Invasion2011-10-12buy3._V192207739_small
103Murder House2011-10-19buy3._V192207739_small
104Halloween: Part 12011-10-26buy3._V192207739_small
105Halloween: Part 22011-11-02buy3._V192207739_small
106Piggy Piggy2011-11-09buy3._V192207739_small
107Open House2011-11-16buy3._V192207739_small
108Rubber Man2011-11-23buy3._V192207739_small
109Spooky Little Girl2011-11-30buy3._V192207739_small
110Smoldering Children2011-12-07buy3._V192207739_small


Main Cast:

Connie Britton as Vivien Harmon

vivien harmon quotes
Dylan McDermott as Dr. Ben Harmon

Dr. Ben Harmon quotes
Evan Peters as Tate Langdon

3 tate love
Taissa Farmiga as Violet Harmon

Violet Harmon quotes
Denis O’Hare as Larry Harvey

Larry Harvey ahs quotes
Jessica Lange as Constance Langdon

Constance Langdon quotes

Recurring Cast:

Frances Conroy as Moira O’Hara
Lily Rabe as Nora Montgomery
Alexandra Breckenridge as Young Moira O’Hara
Jamie Brewer as Adelaide “Addie” Langdon
Christine Estabrook as Marcy
Morris Chestnut as Luke
Matt Ross as Dr. Charles Montgomery
Bodhi Schulz as Troy
Kai Schulz as Bryan
Michael Graziadei as Travis Wanderley
Celia Finkelstein as Nurse Gladys
Eve Gordon as Dr. Hall
Rosa Salazar as Nurse Maria
Teddy Sears as Patrick
Azura Skye as Fiona
Kyle Davis as Dallas
Sarah Paulson as Billie Dean Howard
Shelby Young as Leah
Rebecca Wisocky as Lorraine Harvey
Sam Kinsey as Beauregard “Beau” Langdon
David Anthony Higgins as Stan
Mena Suvari as Elizabeth Short
Malaya Rivera Drew as Detective Barrios
Ben Woolf as Thaddeus Montgomery / The Infantata
Eric Close as Hugo Langdon
Brando Eaton as Kyle Greenwell
Ashley Rickards as Chloe Stapleton
Alessandra Torresani as Stephanie Boggs
Jordan David as Kevin Gedman
Alexander Nimetz as Amir Stanley

Guest Stars:
Kate Mara as Hayden McClaine
Zachary Quinto as Chad Warwick
Charles S. Dutton as Detective Granger
Eric Stonestreet as Derek


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american horror story season 1 - american horror story murder house

american horror story season 1 - american horror story murder house

american horror story season 1 - american horror story murder house


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